Marketing And Promotion

Interact with existing customers and connect with new ones.

Expand your business by engaging customers with personalized and automated email and text campaigns.


Drive more sales by creating and sending email campaigns and can reach out to your customers in minutes.


With our powerful automatic text campaign feature, you can quickly and easily connect with your customers at the perfect moment to drive more sales.


Our mobile app keeps your customers up-to-date with the latest offers and deals. They will receive timely notifications whenever you have something new to offer.

Powerfull Merchant Portal To Do More

Create Campaigns

Moolah Pooints can help you promote new products, holiday sales, seasonal offers, and more to increase traffic to your physical stores. You can create campaigns and tailor them according to your specific business needs. Send them off to your customers through email campaigns or text messages.

Backed With Detailed Reporting

On our portal, you can gain detailed insights into how your customers interact with your business. You can check which of your campaigns are performing well, and also gain insights into your new and regular customers so you can target the right audience with each campaign.

Reach New Customers

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